Bass player Ron Brendle

Ron Brendle

Playing rock, jazz, folk or pop; electric or upright; Ron Brendle's warm organic bass tone calls forth the sounds of the great bass players of our time.

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When I first sat at my Great Grandmother’s pump organ at around 5 years of age and played those first notes, I realized there was a magic that happened when I heard those airy sounds.


I believe that moment set me on a lifelong quest of music.

  • Best Bass Player

    Charlotte Magazine




  • Jazz Artist of the Year

    Creative Loafing Magazine








  • Grants for Jazz Composition

    North Carolina Arts Council



    Charlotte Arts and Science Council





Being a musician and learning about music is a journey that thankfully never ends.


I have had many magic moments:


When I first heard a recording of Charlie Haden, I knew he was my ideal. His rich organic tone hit in the center of my heart and I wanted to emulate his sound and feeling.  Years later, I had the incredible opportunity to study with Haden in a Master Class at the Atlantic Center for the Arts.


Then there was the time I met bass pioneer Jaco Pastorious, who hugely influenced my playing of the electric bass.


Over the years, I have shared the stage or recorded with artists as varied as Mose Allison, Charlie Byrd, Dizzy Gillepsie, Hank Crawford, Ray Charles, Sheila Jordan, George Hamilton V, Bucky Pizzarelli, Frank Kimbrough, Maria Howell and Dom Flemmons.


These experiences always take me back to that old pump organ where my search for magic and beauty in music began. The search continues.

Grandma's pump organ.

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Review of Ron Brendle by Billy Goodrum

"Ron Brendle is one of the most inventive and creative bass players I've ever encountered.  When he came in to play on a film score I composed I didn't write out a part for him. I knew everything he would come up with would be highly original yet still fit the score perfectly.  Rock solid."


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